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3 months ago

Collings Foundation
Attention all good people! We are hosting an extraordinary transportation themed event here at the AHM called “Race of the Century” on September 11th and 12th. There will be horses, bicycles, transportation contraptions and automobiles of great variety participating in this exhibition. Do you have something special to add to the line up? We are looking for modes of transportation from the mid 1800’s to the 1930’s. Early steam or electric powered automobiles, early bicycles, and rare early automobiles would fit in perfectly. Interested in participating? Send a photo and brief description to Hunter Chaney: hchaney@collingsfoundation.org. ... See MoreSee Less
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2020-2021 Give to the Collings Foundation

Challenges will be overcome. Your dedication is how we do it.

Seventy-five years ago, our weary veterans headed home after long and hard years of war.
The nation yearned for normalcy following a half decade of sacrifice, sadness, and struggle. As tough as it was, the World War II generation persevered, and as a result America emerged, a stronger nation after the war was won.

This year has brought challenges once again to America. Its effects have touched every home. As you have read in this magazine, our organization has felt it too. This year, the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, was anticipated with special purpose. It was to be one of our last opportunities to honor the veterans of that war while they are still with us. But, with the far-reaching impact of COVID, many commemorations and public programs, including ours, were forced to cancel.

Through the roughest times, one truth has become abundantly clear: when things get tough, we come together and lift each other up. During our closure, we continued to receive donations and memberships from you, looking ahead to better days. Your dedication to our mission has been steadfast and we have worked hard to make your donations count. With new restorations being completed, new exhibits being designed, and new events being planned for 2021, we look forward to bringing you a growing and evolving American Heritage Museum, Wings of Freedom Tour, and Collings Foundation.

We do this because you have shown us that living history is more relevant than ever before. It is an essential part of our nation’s fabric. Living history gives us experiences that cannot be duplicated by reading books, watching films, or listening to lectures. Seeing, feeling, and hearing history come alive in front of you make an impression that is hard to forget and inspires passion like nothing else.

These experiences change our lives. You have been touched by our programs. Wouldn’t you like to see these kinds of experiences continue well into the future? We invite you to consider becoming an even more important part of our mission now, as a contributor.

There are many ways to make a lasting impact. Your generosity could have an immediate effect with an annual fund gift, or a donor advised fund (DAF) distribution. Specific programs like those you see to the right of this page are also available to earmark your donation. Please also consider a longer-term legacy, making the Collings Foundation and the American Heritage Museum an important part of your planned giving strategy. We would love to discuss how we can work together to connect your special passion with a program that preserves your legacy as part of our mission.

We can do it… together.
We realize it has been a difficult year for many of our supporters, but we sincerely hope you will consider the Collings Foundation and the American Heritage Museum in your year-end giving plans. Your financial support means more than ever as we continue to move forward and grow… keeping our mission alive. Every penny of your donation goes right into the living history programs, restorations, exhibits, and events that you deeply care about. Please help us develop a brighter future, keep the memories of our veterans alive and educate future generations for decades to come.

Give to the Collings Foundation and American Heritage Museum Annual Fund

Do you want to help the most pressing needs at the Collings Foundation and American Heritage Museum? Consider a donation to our Annual Fund. All donations to the Annual Fund help support year-end operations, maintenance, restorations, and development of our educational program planning for the next year.
Learn more about giving to the Collings Foundation Annual Fund at this link.

Become a Member of the Collings Foundation and the American Heritage Museum

Membership to the Collings Foundation is a fantastic way to contribute each year and become an active part of the Collings Foundation, American Heritage Museum, and the Wings of Freedom Tour. Membership is available for both individuals and families and includes great benefits such as free admission, discounts, and volunteer opportunities.
Click here to learn more about membership and purchase a membership online…

Support the Construction of the POW/MIA Exhibit Including the Original Hỏa Lò Prison Cells

Please support the powerful POW/MIA exhibit construction at the American Heritage Museum that will include the only original cells of the Hỏa Lò Prison, known as the “Hanoi Hilton” outside of Vietnam. This is an important story that will add much more to the Vietnam War Gallery at the AHM.
Click here to learn more about the POW/MIA Exhibit and giving to the effort.

Become a Plane Sponsor or a member of the American Heritage Museum Founders Society

There is no better way to support your special aircraft, vehicle, or museum than to become a Plane Sponsor or a member of the American Heritage Museum Founders Society. Your donation goes right to the program that you are most dedicated to, and your directed support helps us fund new restoration or expansion. Corporate sponsorship is welcomed and strongly encouraged.
Click here to learn more about these programs and donate online…

Give to our educational field trip endowment…

An American Association of School Administrators survey found that 50% of schools did not plan field trips for the coming year. Budgetary crunches are partially to blame. We intend to develop an endowment to assist with admissions, and provide bus funding so that the American Heritage Museum can bring much needed history and STEM content to students.
Click to donate online to the educational field trip endowment…

How to Contribute

Contributions may be made through cash, check or money order, or Mastercard or Visa. Donations of appreciated stock are also accepted.

Monetary donations are essential and our greatest need. There are a variety of ways to support the Collings Foundation. Estate provisions, IRA payments, foundation grants and stock are always appreciated. Over ninety-five cents of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs including operations, maintenance, restoration and endowment for the future.

Employer Gift Matches
Did you know that many companies will match a portion of the charitable contributions by employees each year? Grow your gift and impact through an employer match – search for your company and matching gift instructions using our search engine at the link below.
Learn more about and search for employer matches at this link.

Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsors are crucial to the operation of the Collings Foundation. Their donations keep our aircraft flying and well equipped to operate for years to come.

Contact Us Today

Please contact our Development Office with any questions you may have about giving and sponsorship to help further our mission of living history for future generations!

Contact: Ryan Keough
Director of Donor Relations and Development
978-562-9182 office – rkeough@collingsfoundation.org

COVID-19 Event Cancellations & Closure

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts, the Father's Day Open House / "Tanks, Wings, & Wheels" event in partnership with the American Heritage Museum has been CANCELLED for June 20-21, 2020. Additionally, the American Heritage Museum is CLOSED until Phase III re-openings are announced in the state. We will make announcements here and on our Facebook page when re-opening is announced.